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Christmas gift ideas for the adventure seeker in the family

christmas family-friendly Gear Tips

There’s always someone in the family who’s off on a crazy adventure, who posts incredible photos of exploring the wilderness and climbing peaks. You know, the one who’s always either planning or just returning from an epic week-long solo trip. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to buy if you aren’t into the same things as them. So, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of things that basically every adventure seeker will love this holiday season!
Every adventurer needs a headlamp, and hey, it doesn’t hurt to have a spare! The Spot is a full-featured waterproof headlamp with a rechargeable battery pack that helps prevent waste, and 325 lumens light up the trail for pre-work dawn efforts, after-dark trail runs, and climbing days after dark.
These are excellent to have in a stash when out exploring. For hardcore trail runners, paddlers, or hikers - sometimes it’s useful to have access to edible energy - fast! GU Energy Gel is famous among endurance athletes for the great taste and sustained energy that GU packs in. The Gu Gel packs provide super tasty, energy-dense calories in a portable packet to help sustain energy demands of any duration or activity. Perfect for your outdoorsy friend!
Buy your friend some peace of mind with this essential in emergency preparedness.  Whether you explore during the winter or summer months an emergency blanket is a critical piece of kit for survival or first aid. Lightweight and packable for your backpack or running vest.  
We all know we’re already going to get (and secretly love) socks in our stockings, so here’s an attractive pair to give your outdoorsy friend that will have their toes wiggling, running or hiking in excitement. Wool, especially super-soft merino wool, offers several unique advantages over cotton that make it the fabric of choice for outdoor wear. It’s insulating, moisture-wicking, and great at hiding smells!
This pack is exceptionally popular with travelers and adventurers around the world. It’s the perfect size backpack to use as a carry-on bag. At 30L you can take all you need for the plane journey, with easy access to all your essentials - and it can even carry your ski boots!
Lightweight, portable hydration that ticks all the boxes. Every adventurer needs a way to stay hydrated. This quick stow flask provides easy and portable water storage. Featuring a big bite valve that self-seals after each drink, it also eliminates annoying drips. A large mouth opening allows you to fill the flask easily with ice and drink mixes, or straight from the river!

The perfect size multi-tool to tackle any challenge. With serrated and straight knife blades plus lots of other gadgets, the pocket-sized Gerber Suspension Tool comes in handy on all kinds of adventures. Buy one for your outdoorsy friend to pack as an essential and useful bit of kit.
Help them keep their balance on rugged terrain, steep descents and slippery rocks with these lightweight trekking poles. n easily adjusted pole, the trail back provides reliable stability and quick adjustment for any on-trail adventure.
For those adventurous friends who have been extra good this year, we love the Oakley Sutro. The Sutro is a modern and stylish pair of sunnies that gives great wrap-around protection and incredible vision. Designed with performance in mind, the Sutro gives outdoor athletes a bold and versatile look that they can confidently wear both on and off the bike or trails.
For the ultimate gift, consider getting your outdoorsy friend a GoPro. Perfect for action sports or vlogging, the Hero 8 black can be adapted with accessories for an easy video experience. Record all of your outdoor activities on this action camera, link it to your phone via Bluetooth, and edit it all on the GoPro App.

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