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Ski and Board Hire - Terms & Conditions

Rental Service Terms & Conditions

Identification and Security Policy

  •  A valid photo identification and Credit Card are required for all rentals.
  • Persons under 18 years of age require an accompanying adult/parent/guardian to sign the rental agreement.

Equipment Protection Policy

    • There is no insurance built into the price of the rental. The cost of our Equipment Protection product is a seperate charge to cover the cost of damage done to the rented ski and snowboard equipment.
    • If chosen, this covers any and all damage that can occur with use, which includes:

    • – Base Repair and P-Tex for rock impacts
      – Edge sharpening for burrs or scratches
      – Binding Straps and Boot Cuts
      – Broken Poles
      – De-lamination
      – Topsheet Scratching
  • Equipment Protection will also cover extensive damage from misuse of equipment that cannot be fixed, such as full equipment breakage or impact damage that is beyond repair.

Declination of Equipment Protection

  • Equipment Protection is not mandatory, however on declining this product, the hirer assumes full responsibility for any costs of repair. 
  • Any repairable damage will be assessed and charged at the time of return of equipment.
  • Repair cost is assessed and charged at standard rates of the workshop materials and labour.
  • Equipment damage that is beyond repair will incur the full cost of replacement from the supplier. 

Loss or Theft

  • Equipment Protection purchase does not cover the loss or theft of equipment. 
  • Any equipment that is no longer in the Hirer's possession must be immediately reported to Police and an Event Number supplied.
  • In the event of loss or theft, all paperwork and NSW Police event number must be provided to Jindabyne Sports staff immediately upon occurence.
  • Loss or theft of the rented equipment is the full financial responsibility of the hirer and will be charged at the full replacement cost of the hirer.
  • For security purposes, we recommend locking the equipment when leaving it unattended.

Personal LiabIlity and Injury

All customers must agree to the following personal liability and injury policy when renting equipment from Jindabyne Sports (Hemcorp Pty Ltd.) Customers renting equipment are referred to ‘The Hirer’ for the purposes of this policy:

  • The Hirer (customer) understands the information contained therein and warrants, agrees and accepts the information provided by him or her is true and correct.
  • The Hirer also understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that the ski or snowboard boot-binding system of any ski or snowboard equipment has been adjusted and set based on the information provided by the hirer.
  • The Hirer further understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that the ski or snowboard-binding system equipment will not release at all times or under all conditions or in all circumstances and that Jindabyne Sports, its employees, affiliates or agents cannot and will not guarantee or indemnify the safety of the Hirer or any third (3rd) party. All snow sports (skiing, snowboarding, touring, tobogganing) carry the risk of injury and damage to property and that risk is reduced but not eliminated by correct bindings, the use of wrist guards and an approved helmet.
  • The Hirer understands, warrants, agrees and accepts that there are inherent risks of injury involved in using the equipment hired and where such injury arises the Hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified Jindabyne Sports (Hemcorp Pty Ltd.), its employees, affiliates and agents from all actions, suits, claims for damage and demands for personal injury, loss or damage sustained by the Hirer or any person named in these terms and conditions or any third (3rd) party.
  • The Hirer confirms, understands, acknowledges and accepts that in the event where personal injury, loss or damage to either the Hirer or any third (3rd) party arises out of the use of such equipment, it is the responsibility of the Hirer to make good such personal injury, loss or damage.
  • The Hirer agrees that any outstanding money owing that has not been settled before the Hirer returns the equipment can later be charged to the Hirer’s credit card at Jindabyne Sports discretion.

Kids and Teen Classification

  • Children’s prices are determined by age.
  • Children aged 13-17 years and are considered “Teen”, Children aged 0-12 years and under are considered “Kids” for the purpose of renting equipment.

Equipment ExChange (Swap Policy)

  • We encourage all customers to swap equipment when renting our Premium packages. This means you can change your skis or board to suit the snow conditions.
  • We also provide a FREE waxing service for our Premium gear to change wax compound to suit different conditions.
  • Swapping from skis to snowboards and vice versa is FREE when renting a complete package, however we cannot hold the gear you are swapping from so keep in mind it might not be available when you wish to swap back.

Arrival and Rental Pick-Up

  • Be ready to hit the slopes early for your first day of riding! You can pick up your rental equipment the afternoon / evening before your rental starts, anytime after 3pm.