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Tips for a Great Ski Holiday with Kids | Where to Buy a Ski Helmet and Other Gear Online in Australia

Taking your kids on a ski holiday is a wonderful way to spend time together as a family and teach kids a new skill. There are many ways to enjoy this incredibly fun holiday; here are some of the best ways to get the most out of your break and make sure your kids have a fantastic time, too.

Choose a family-friendly resort

Look for a ski resort that welcomes families and has plenty of things to do. A resort that’s too small may not offer enough activities to keep everyone entertained; a too-large, too-busy one might mean long queues for lifts and long wait times for all activities. A good option is a mid-sized resort that offers ski lessons, kid-friendly ski zones, family-friendly activities such as tobogganing and outdoor playgrounds, casual dining, and optional childminding so that the adults can take a break and keep some of their holiday to themselves.

Choose your accommodation carefully

Where you stay matters when it comes to having a happy family holiday. Avoid staying so far away from the slopes that it’s frustrating to get back and forth with the kids. Carrying a family’s worth of ski gear isn’t easy, so make sure the trip is short. You may also want to look for a hotel with adjoining rooms, heated pools, or any other amenities you know your family will enjoy. If you’d like to save some money, you may be able to find self-catering accommodation, where you’ll be able to cook at least some of your own meals and do your laundry.

Dress in layers

Staying comfortable on the slopes is as simple as dressing in multiple layers. Your base layer should consist of a thermal top and leggings. Add a middle layer of fleece pants and a fleece jacket if it’s very cold; fleece onesies are great for toddlers and babies. Top this with an outer layer of snow pants and an insulated shell jacket. Layers keep you warmer and allow you to pare down if you become overheated. You’ll also need goggles to protect your eyes from glare, warm socks, neck protection, waterproof mittens, and snow boots.

Buy a Kids Ski Helmet and Other Way to Stay Safe

No one will have fun if someone gets hurt. One of the most important ways to keep kids safe on the slopes is to buy a kids ski helmet online. Helmets protect little heads from collisions and falls, and most ski school programs require them. Once you get your kids ski helmet online, use it properly by removing your child’s hat before putting on the helmet. You should always carry a phone with you, and have a plan in case your child becomes lost, such as a meeting point agreed on in advance. Jindabyne Sports is committed to helping families have safe and fun ski holidays with a range of winter sports gear for men, women, and children. When you’re ready to purchase a kids ski helmet online in Australia – or any other winter gear – Jindabyne Sports in Australia is your one-stop shop.