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Perform Your Best with Well Tuned Equipment

If you want to feel your carves and glide with ease, you need to keep your equipment in top condition!

We have the high-tech machinery and expertise to keep your skis and snowboards at their optimum.

Whether you require some maintenance or want to step up the performance of your equipment, you will find friendly advice and quality workmanship from Jindabyne Sports skillful technicians.

Come in and see us to discuss your needs
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Services Price
Hot Wax - Infrared $25
Edge and Wax $50
Quick Tune (grind-edge-wax) $80
Full Tune (base repair-grind-structure-edge-wax) $100
Race Tune + Diamond Edge finish + Perf race wax $150
Race Wax - Toko Race Perf Wax $40
Custom Repairs POA
Custom repairs

Got a Core shot? Edge blowout? Topsheet Delamination? We Can Help!

Don't throw out your gear, we are experts at repairing difficult damage done to skis and boards.

Drop in and speak to our techs to get a price on a custom repair.

Binding mounting

We can set up your ski and snowboard bindings to suit your needs.

Whether a new mount on a brand new pair of skis. Adjusting an existing binding to a boot, or remounting a ski with a new binding.

Get your snowboard setup with the perfect stance angles to suit your ridings.

We can mount the following brands of ski bindings:

New Ski Binding (Flat Ski)


Ski Binding Mount (Rail system)


Snowboard Bindings


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