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Planning a Ski Holiday to Remember and Where to Buy North Face Jackets Online in Australia

Have you found yourself tasked with planning your family or group’s upcoming ski holiday in Australia? Many people find this a daunting task with so many factors to consider, resorts to choose from, and so on. Don’t worry; here are some things to think about to get you on the right track and help you plan the perfect ski trip.

The right resort

The resort you choose can make or break your holiday. Pick the right one, and your travel companions will laud your holiday planning skills. Choose wrong, and you could spend the entire weekend carrying your skis down steep slopes exhausted after fighting the bumps.

Your group’s skill level

If you are travelling with beginners, make sure the resort has adequate beginner slopes. If they are more advanced, look for an expansive enough terrain to keep everyone entertained. Some resorts have a mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced areas, which is perfect for a group of people of various experience levels.

Your budget

Most resorts cost similar amounts, with some sky-high exceptions. Research the cost of staying at several different resorts, along with lift pass prices and even local menu prices (there’s a big difference between a $4 beer and a $10 beer, especially if you expect your group to do a fair amount of indulging).

What you’ll do when the lifts shut

Once you’re off the hills for the night, how will spend the rest of your time? If you are travelling with your partner or family and you just want to cuddle up by the fire before bedtime, this won’t be a concern. However, if you’re travelling with a group of friends and you want to find even more fun to top off your day, look for options such as bowling, indoor swimming, a climbing wall, or anything you think your group might enjoy. Many resorts boast banging nightlife with clubs open all night (which might or might not be ideal, depending on your situation).

The equipment you’ll need and where to buy North Face jackets online

One of the main questions ski travellers face is whether to rent or buy their ski equipment. The answer depends mainly on how often you ski. If skiing is a rare treat for you, it probably makes more sense to hire your ski equipment from Jindabyne Sports. You’ll also need goggles, ski socks, gloves, thermals, and a good quality ski jacket; you can find a great one such as a North Face jacket online in Australia.

If you aren’t sure where to start, start by choosing to buy your North Face jacket online at Jindabyne Sports. These jackets, as well as all our other jackets and winter sports gear, are made with the highest standards of quality in mind so that you’ll be warm and comfortable all day and perform your best. Buy your North Face jacket and all the other gear you need, rent your skis, then get ready for the holiday of a lifetime. No matter which resort you choose or who you’re travelling with, Jindabyne Sports can help you prepare for a wonderful trip.