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Everything You Need for Skiing and Where to Buy a Salomon Jacket Online in Australia

If you’re heading out for your first day of skiing in Australia, there are some things you must know to have a fun and safe day on the slopes. First, you’ll need some basic skills and safety tips; many new skiers can learn these in the beginner lessons offered at most ski resorts. But before you even set foot on the slopes, you’ll need to make sure you have all the right gear. Don’t be tempted to try to save money by “making do” with what you already have – cold, wet jeans are a sure-fire way to end up having to cut your day short. Here’s what you’ll need to ski, from the top down.


Snow sports are physical activities, and you will most likely have a few falls. Helmets significantly reduce your risk of head injury, so make sure you buy or rent one, and do so for every member of your family who will be skiing as well.


It’s hard to ski when you can’t see. UV rays bounce off the white snow, hindering your visibility. If it’s windy, there will also be blowing snow that can irritate your eyes – hence why sunglasses won’t do the trick.

Under Clothing to Keep You Warm

You’ll need a base layer of clothing to insulate your body and wick moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling dry. Do not choose cotton, which will absorb sweat and hold it next to your skin, keeping you damp and uncomfortable. Go for a wool or synthetic fabric top and trousers instead. You also need quality socks designed to work with ski boots and made of a performance material such as wool. Depending on the rest of your gear, you may or may not also need a mid-layer such as fleece (you can always remove it, so it’s better to have extra layers than not enough).

Outer Layers

Your outer layers such as your ski jacket and trousers should be insulated and water resistant. They should not be constricting, but they should fit well for optimal comfort and performance. It’s best if your jacket has a lot of pockets, so you have a safe and convenient place to store your phone, ski pass, keys, and more. Finally, a good pair of gloves can make all the difference when it comes to being comfortable. Again, water resistance is vital.

Where to Buy a Salomon Jacket Online

The gear listed above is enough to get you started on your ski holiday – just add sunscreen, water, and snacks. At Jindabyne Sports, we can help you prepared for your skiing trip with our range of winter sports apparel and gear. You can buy a Salomon jacket online or in our Jindabyne location along with ski trousers, helmets, and other things you’ll need for a great skiing experience. If you’re looking for a Salomon jacket online in Australia, let Jindabyne Sports be your go-to source. Whether you choose to buy a Salomon jacket, a North Face jacket, or some of our other quality snow gear, you’ll be glad you chose Jindabyne Sports.