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Trail Shoes Women

Keep Your Feet Warm and Dry with Trail Shoes for Women

Trail shoes protect women’s feet during short and long runs over varied terrain. Designed for comfort, but providing the traction required to keep moving forward. We stock well-known brands, including Salomon and Inov8.

Why a You Should Buy from Jindabyne Sports

At Jindabyne Sports, we take customer service seriously, and provide our clients with the following benefits:

  • Experience – Located in Jindabyne for over fifty years, our long history makes us a trusted member of the community. We use our experience to assist our customers, in-store and online, guiding with sizing, fit, and how to maintain your equipment. 
  • Product knowledge – Our family and team enjoy the outdoors, whether they are on a trail run or skiing down the mountain. We use the products we stock, allowing us to help you find the perfect equipment for your adventure. A trail run is a great way to unwind and enjoy everything the mountains and trails have to offer. Browse our blog for the best trail runs in Jindabyne.
  • Secure shopping – Planning a vacation in Jindabyne and need new gear? Our click and collect option makes purchasing equipment easy. Shop online and click “Pick up in-store”, and we’ll safely store your goods until you arrive. Need your new equipment delivered to your home? We offer our customers free shipping Australia-wide on any order over $100.

Shopping with us ensures you acquire the equipment you need to have fun, stay safe, and enjoy the great outdoors. We are happy to help you find the perfect gear for all your outdoor adventures from trail running to skiing and snowboarding.

The Importance of Trail Running Shoes for Women

While you could run a trail with road shoes, trail shoes will:

  • Provide better traction and grip - Trail shoes are specifically designed to provide better traction and grip on varied terrain. Their rugged soles with deep groves dig in to the ground and provide excellent traction during your run. Grip rocky terrain by selecting shoes with specially designed ‘sticky’ soles.
  • Protect your toes from rocks - You could wear road shoes on the trails, but they will not protect your toes when you run in to roots and rocks. Toe bumpers protect your toes during your run, avoiding uncomfortable bruising and black nails.
  • Help you avoid wet feet - Consider where and when you like to run outdoors when selecting your shoes. If you enjoy running on wet trails, or during any weather, ensure you select trail shoes that will keep your feet dry. No one enjoys blisters caused by wet socks and shoes.
  • Prevent Foot Fatigue. – With a supportive and well fitting trail shoe, it reduces the strain on your feet and effort required. One you feel the benefits of a good fitting trail shoe with the right amount of drop, cushion and arch support, you will be able to complete your run and still have fresh feet to do your other activities.

Trail shoes are designed to take you across varied terrain, protecting your feet from roots, rocks, and wet conditions. Avoid bumps, bruises, and blisters by finding the perfect fit for your feet.

About Jindabyne Sports

We enjoy the outdoors just as much as our customers. With over fifty years’ experience, we ensure the products we stock will never let you down. From trail running to skiing and snowboarding, we have the helmets, shoes, goggles and other accessories you require.

Contact us for assistance in choosing the perfect trail shoes.