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Five Activities to do in Jindabyne this Summer


There is so much more to this town then just skiing! If you've never spent much time here in the summer months, here are 5 reasons why you should!

Jindabyne is an incredibly beautiful place. Whether you are alone or bringing your significant other, family or friends, Jindabyne offers fresh mountain air combined with an adventure in an outdoor paradise that’s the perfect way to satisfy your craving for variety and escape the usual city routine.

Here are our top five activities to do in Jindabyne this summer.

1. Hike to Kosciusko.                                                  upload 1/13/2017 at 8:47:20 PM.png

Conquering Australia’s highest mountain brings a combination of fun and challenge.

There are two ways to reach the summit. You can either park your car at Charlotte’s pass and walk the eighteen kilometer round trip or you can take the chairlift up at the Thredbo Ski Resort and it is a shorter fourteen kilometer round trip.

Kosciusko is a family-friendly hike and can easily be done by kids. When you get to the top, taking a picture and the hearty lunch will feel well deserved. Expect to spend about three to four hours on this adventure.

If you prefer to have a guided tour of this mountain, you can contact our friends at K7 Adventures

2. Swim in Lake Jindabyne

Experience the nice cool alpine waters by going for a swim in Lake Jindabyne and enjoy the best way to rejuvenate on hot days. This large lake offers a lot of privacy and finding a private swimming spot is easy.

Our pick though, is Jindabyne's main beach - the clay pits. The clay pits are the perfect spot to swim or to spend the whole day relaxing by watching the water, the green and the sky. This is a beautiful spot to enjoy the much needed “you time”, cuddle up with your partner or bond with your kids.

3. Ride the Thredbo Valley Trail on Mountain Bikes

The Kosciusko National Park is a mecca for mountain bikers, and the Thredbo Valley track is one of its most popular beginner friendly bike paths.

The Thredbo Valley Trail is a sixteen kilometer family friendly mountain bike track along the Thredbo river that start at Thredbo resort and rides all the way down to the Crackenback resort. On a relaxed pace, the sixteen kilometer ride will take you approximately three hours.

Thredbo Valley, although popular for mountain bikers is not limited to bike rides, you can also enjoy the Campground where you can stay overnight, go for a picnic or go to the Thredbo River and go fishing.

4. Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf attracts both casual players and professional athletes. If you’ve never done Frisbee Golf before, a quick round will give you the chance to try something new and give yourself a light workout.

There are 3 courses in the area to challenge your skills with locations at Jindabyne, Thredbo and Crackenback.


5. Horse  Riding

Jindabyne is home to a premier horse riding destination that allows both adults and children, from beginner to advance to, ride in beautiful countryside and take in the views of the valleys.

Experience wonder at the majestic riding area of 2,800 acres of sub-alpine wilderness with Thredbo Valley Horseriding. Beginners and children can enjoy pony rides and for the more adventurous, safe and quiet mountain-bred horses for longer distance rides.

All rides include an introductory lessons and at the end of the session, you’ll be more confident with your horsemanship.

Remember to bring water, a hat, sunscreen and suitable clothing otherwise, Jindabyne Sports has you covered.

Jindabyne Sports is a family owned and run store that helps adventurers and new travelers experience the pleasure of disconnecting from everyday stresses and reset their state back to maximum productivity by providing the products and services needed to fully enjoy nature’s playground.

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