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How to know which goggle lens is right for you

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The right lens can make or break your day.

We all know the feeling of getting up on the mountain for a glorious pow day and realising that you forgot to change the lens and now you’re ready to head down the slope but you can’t see a thing - watch out for those moguls! 

This is why you need to have a pair of goggles where you can change the lens based on the condition. The different tints filter colour and light in different ways so that it can enhance your vision when skiing or snowboarding.

But how do you know what colour lenses to use for what condition? We have some tips below that can help you decide. 


We recommend platinum, black or red lenses for bright sunny days. They tend to allow less light to pass through the lens and can help prevent the glare. No one wants to be squinting all day.

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We recommend red, blue or green lenses. You want to have a pair of lenses like this as they are suitable for most conditions - especially those days when the conditions vary quite a bit from sun and cloud.

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We recommend softer colours that will allow plenty of light to come through the lens. This is when you want to have rose, yellow or gold lenses so that it can allow plenty of light to travel through the lenses. 

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So, what type of lens should l buy?

There are really two types of goggles that you can buy: Cylindrical (Flat) Lenses &  Spherical Lenses:

  1. Cylindrical Flat Lenses curve horizontally while remaining flat vertically. They often come at a lower price point but don’t judge them because of the price, they perform well. 

  2. Spherical Lenses curve both horizontally and vertically around your face, which will give them a bubble look. They provide more peripheral vision, reduce glare and fogging however do come at a higher price point.

If you ski in quite varied conditions, we do recommend buying goggles that you can interchange the lens. A lot of goggles these days allow for this and they’ve made it super easy to change them on the go.

If you really find changing lenses a pain, then photochromic goggles are the way to go! The technology on these goggles allows them to automatically darken or lighten depending on the condition. They are convenient but it does come with a price tag.

A few other things you should consider are: UV protection, mirrored lenses, polarized lenses and anti-fog coating. 

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There is a lot that goes into buying lenses but don’t over complicate it for yourself. The main thing you want to know is the type of conditions you’ll be riding predominately and from there you can find the right type of lens that will make everything a lot more clearer.

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