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9 Essential items you need for your next ski holiday

Jindabyne Ski Essentials

The North Face

Packing for a ski trip is a skill. You need to know how to pack all the bulky pieces into one suitcase and if you are driving there, you need to know the art of tetris to fit it all nicely in the boot.

The gear is bulky, big and designed to keep you warm as possible but it is easy to overpack. We always think we need more ‘outfits’ and layers than we expect however you will usually be in the same gear most of the week.

This is our essential list of things that must be in your suitcase for your 2020 ski trip:

1. A ski jacket that will keep you dry.

You do not want to forget this on your ski trip. This is the item that will keep you warm and dry all day. You want it to be practical, withstand the conditions and make you look great while you shred. 

We recommend: The North Face Tanager Womens Jacket

2. Bibs that will keep the snow out of your pants.

As a beginner or an advanced skier or snowboarder, we all take a tumble or two. The annoying part is when you get up and find a lot of cold snow in your pants as you're trying to make it down to the bottom of the run. 

This is why you can't go wrong with a bib. They keep you all tucked in and keep the freezing snow, out! 

We recommend: The North Face Womens Freedom Bib Pant

3. Base layers - it is all about the merino wool.

The base layers provide an additional layer of warmth that will absorb and evaporate your sweat to keep you feeling more comfortable and warm throughout the day. 

We recommend: Icebreaker 260 Zone 

4. Gloves and liners that will keep your fingertips warm.

You want to make sure you bring the right type of glove for you. If you run cold, mittens tend to keep you warmer. If you need something that provides more agility when skiing, then ski gloves are you best option. You can always add in glove liners for some added warmth as well. 

We recommend: The North Face Steep Patrol Futurelite Glove

5. Protect your head. 

We all know how important this is. Always check your helmet for any cracks or dints before heading up the mountain.

We recommend: Smith Vantage Mips  

6. Make sure you can see down the hill.

A good pair of goggles can make such a difference. It's also best to have a couple of lenses that can suit all types of conditions. 

We recommend: Giro Axis range  

7. Snow boots so you can kick off your ski boots

There is no better feeling that taking your ski boots off after a long day and putting on some comfy shoes. 

They are big to carry around but we definitely recommend bringing a pair. You'll pretty much live in these boots when you aren't up on the mountain. They'll keep your feet warm and dry from all the snow. 

We recommend: Kamik Juliet Mid 

8. Go Pro to capture all the footage 

You can't go on a ski trip without capturing any photos or videos. It's all about sharing it on the 'gram.

The best camera to capture all the action shots is without a doubt the go pro. 

go pro

9. A good back to pack it all

If you're flying or driving up to the ski hill, you want a good bag to store it all in. If you have your own gear, it's definitely worth investing in a good ski bag that will last you a long time.

We recommend: Douchebags The Douchebag


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