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How to re-waterproof your winter gear

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You bought a GORE-TEX® jacket and feel like you are safe from the rain? Unfortunately it doesn’t last forever and every now and then you need to re-waterproof it. 

You can start noticing that your jacket or ski pants need to be re-waterproofed when the droplets on your gear start to be absorbed more and more. 

waterproof jacket


It’s actually really easy to re-waterproof your gear throughout the season, we recommend using Toko Eco Textile Wash. All you need to do is put all your gear in the washing machine and add Toko Eco Textile Wash. It will restore the optimal functionality of membrane textiles (e.g. GORE-TEX®).

The Toko products provide exceptional value and superior performance compared to other brands of cleaners. With years of research and development incorporated into the wash and waterproof products, nothing is as efficient or easy.

Be sure to clean out your machine before you wash your snow gear. A good rinse cycle with clean water will help remove detergents that can deplete the garments DWR.

There are two ways after washing to then replenish the waterproof and breathable properties of your snow clothing. Either wash in the waterproofing or spray it on. Or a combination of both!

The benefit of the spray is the ability to target trouble areas such as the thighs and shoulders that require a bit extra waterproofing. And you can spray on dry!

If you are in a rush and need to re-waterproof before your next wash, use Toko Textile Proof Spray. It’s long lasting and durable, it will keep you dry and happy out in the wild and wintry weather. 

Toko Textile Proof


Follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to whether your garment should be tumble dried or thrown on the line. 

Depending on the season and how much rain your jacket endures, we recommend re-waterproofing your gear a couple of times a year. Just keep an eye out on the how the material is absorbing the droplets, that should be your key indicator that your jacket is ready.

waterproof jacket


If you need both the wash and spray, we have the Toko Eco Textile Wash & Proof Spray available online in one pack for only $49.95.


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