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Gear Tech: Nosilife by Craghoppers

Here at Jindy Sports we are excited to bring you the best in Technology that translates into a better outdoor experience. One of our favourite brands Craghoppers, has developed a unique method in their clothing to keep the bugs off of you. NosiLife

NosiLife is the world's first and only permanent non toxic insect-repellant line of clothing.

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This clothing allows trail enthusiasts to enjoy their adventure without worrying about mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks or midges ever again.

It sounds unreal, but this insect repellant is odourless, permanent, non-toxic and incorporated right into the fabric itself. Truly a novel approach and one of Craghoppers most popular innovations.

This is great news for anyone who hates applying insect-repellent creams or sprays, or using other tools that have irritating smells. It works as an effective barrier that provides an impenetrable and invisible defense against biting insects. Completely chemical free, it is woven into the fabric and independently lab tested to reduce bites by up to 90%.

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To new adventurers, this might sound new and cutting edge approach, but the thing is, Nosilife has been a staple and currently an eighteen year old product line. Truly standing the test of time and use, it is a trusted and reliable fabric now being used in the latest styles and pieces for outdoor wear.

The technical side of the manufacturing process is held close to their chest as many others seek to imitate it. But the fabric has a great feel, is light and also equipped with moisture wicking ability to keep the skin cool and comfortable against the heat.

There are a lot of cool things about this entire NosiLife line but after testing most of them, we have compiled this list of benefits that you will find, whether you’re wearing NosiLife tops, shirts, pants, shorts, hats or accessories, you can expect each one to be:

  • Light weight, to increase your range and capacity,
  • Moisture-wicking, to keep your body dry and comfortable,
  • Durable and rugged for travel and resistant against wear.
  • Will keep 90% of biting bugs away.
  • Equipped with a good number of zippered and hidden pockets.
  • Good looking enough for you to be comfortable with what you’re wearing but discreet enough to not attract attention from wildlife.
  • Provides great UV protection.
  • Shirts with collars have built in cooling systems that allow you to go against the heat in style.
  • Trousers and shorts have inbuilt stretch to provide your legs with optimal mobility.
  • Easy to wash and dries fast, perfect for nomadic adventurers who live with just a smaller backpack while going on long adventures rotating with two or three pairs of Nosilife gear. You can wash it with regular soap, rinse with water and hang it to dry and reuse it after a few hours.

If you’d like to know more about this fantastic gear line, please visit our store and protect yourself against the elements and flying nasties.


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