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Local Hike: Rennix walk

The Rennix Walking Track is a thirteen kilometer path that takes you through a variety of mountain scenery. Accessible to every level of explorer, this hike takes you along a ridge line that gives you stunning views of both the main range of the Snowy Mountains and back down to Jindabyne Lake.


From January to Easter is a great time to take on this walk as you will be delighted to see wildflowers bloom along the path, as well as yellow yam daisies , purple trigger plants and cream candle heath.
As you go, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the native wildlife of Kangaroos, Wombats and Wallabies.

Depending on your pace, you should be able to complete this round trip in about four and a half to five hours tops. For an extra challenge this track is a great option for a light trail run.

When you get to the boulder that marks the turning point, called Giant’s Castle, you get to take in the best views. Climb on the rock "Castle" and enjoy a unique place to take a picnic, some birdwatching or just taking the time to appreciate the colorful scenery.

Whatever you choose, the openness, quiet and endless view to the horizon amplifies the beauty of this area. It will recharge your spirit and get you yearning for more.

The beauty of the Rennix Walking Track is that the path and light obstacles are relatively easy and family friendly which guarantees that it can be enjoyed at any fitness level. Light hiking experience is helpful but not required.

Always remember to bring:

  • Drinking water of at least 1L.
  • Some snacks
  • Sun screen.
  • A hat.
  • Some bug spray.
  • A walking stick is optional but is very useful.
  • Appropriate clothes and shoes.

Should, you choose to visit in the winter, be sure to bring some snow shoes as the track can get covered in a thick blanket of snow. Many visitors rave about their experience of the invigorating walk through the snow during this time of year.

How to get there?
Take the drive towards Perisher Ski Resort along Kosciusko Road. Pass through into the National park gates and continue about 10km. As you drive, you will pass the ski rider hotel. Continue along the road approx 5 mins and you will find the start of Rennix walk on the right. Turn into a signed carpark area to get to the start of this trail.

Jindabyne Sports offers all the gear you need to get you prepared. Come and visit us for information, maps or any of the quality products that can help make this hike a memorable experience.

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