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Gear Tech: Giro Vivid Lenses

Here at Jindy Sports, we always seek to bring in the latest advancements in snow gear. This winter Giro sport introduces VIVID, a lens technology developed in partnership with ZEISS optics.

This patented lens technology has been based on decades of research into the effect of visual acuity on the snow. This new approach they have brought is designed to enhance the contrast you see on the snow, reduce strain on the eyes throughout the day and give you extra confidence to react to the terrain you are riding.

With this precise and improved vision you will be able to more effectively navigate the mountain. More importantly, spot otherwise hidden contours that can catch you unaware and have you tumbling down like a ragdoll.

What's so new about Vivid?

The Zeiss research essentially cuts through a long held belief that blue light is bad light. Most goggles and sunglasses are specifically designed to eliminate this blue light. But an interesting fact is that snow is technically not white... It's actually blue!

What Giro discovered is that this 'blue light' is fundamental in your brain processing the texture of the snow through varying terrain. What VIVID is doing is manipulating this light as it comes through your goggle lens to enhance the contrasting blue light and blocking the harmful UV light. Basically it works to clear the haze and free your eyes to focus on your line and enjoy your skiing.

This winter we are carrying a range of Giro's goggles with VIVID lenses. In total, there are 7 different lens tint options that are all designed to optimise your vision through the prevailing light conditions. 

Built tough, every lens filters 100% of harmful UV light, and features durable coatings that resist fogging and scratches.

We think you will love these goggles! They look cool, integrate perfectly with Giro helmets and come in a bunch of great colours.

Check out our full Giro range online or drop in store to try on a pair and see for yourself.

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