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Gear Tech: The North Face Thermoball

A revolution in insulation technology!

Here at Jindy Sports, we love bringing you the best gear for the outdoors.

One thing you can always count on from The North Face, is that they deliver quality. One technology that they have made great advances with is the collaboration they have made with Primaloft to develop Thermoball. 

North Face Thermoball

Thermoball is a synthetic insulation that keeps you warm in the most testing conditions. It has been designed to give you all the warmth of a down insulation, but with ultimate technicality. Unlike other synthetic insulations, The North Face have used small round Primaloft synthetic fibre clusters. These clusters are ball shaped and form together to create a thermal barrier which will closely mimic down clusters, trapping the heat within.

What makes this so great, is that this Thermoball insulation will also preserve all of its heat retaining properties even when it becomes wet. This is huge for when you are out in the mountains and the weather gets ugly. You can rest assured that you have a layer that will keep you warm through it all.

The North Face have incorporated this Thermoball insulation into jackets, vests and even Apres boots. 

A huge benefit of these products, is just how lightweight and compressible they are. With the ability to pack, roll up and layer, they are perfect for travelling or when you need it as a backup in your backpack.

If you are looking for a versatile jacket that can be worn as a mid-layer in your ski jacket, an outer piece for apres, travelling and even on your hiking and climbing adventures. The thermoball range is your perfect choice. 

North Face Thermoball

Check out our range of Thermoball gear this winter in store and experience ultimate comfort for the mountain.

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