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Winter guide to keep the kids warm

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Have you thought about bringing the kids up to the mountains this winter but concerned how to keep them warm? No stress, we have you sorted. 

There is nothing worse than going on that carefree family holiday where the kids will play outside all day and realising that they won’t, because they are freezing their toes off. We’ve got some tips and tricks below that can help make that winter getaway a lot more enjoyable. 

kids playing in snow 

Age 0: Take advantage of nap time.

This is when those little moments of slumber for the little one become the best moments to explore. They are all cozy and would happily just sleep alongside you as you go for a stroll or snowshoe. We recommend wrapping them in a sling instead of a stroller and popping them in an insulated Rojo onesie so that they can stay warm while you explore. 

Age 1: Add all the layers / extra warmth

This is when you might need a stroller for your adventure. Be aware that kids do get cold very fast so you want to build a little fort in their stroller or sled. We recommend not dressing them in any cotton as it will retain the cold. However, do add a warm blanket inside the stroller and some hand warmers in their gloves / socks to keep them nice and toasty.

 baby pram snow

Ages 2–3: A little break goes a long way

They are now exploring on their own - running around, falling down and may be even sliding down. This is when you want to make sure they have the right layers and take breaks often to keep them warm. 

A few things you want to make sure they have are:

  • A good base layer that will keep them cozy
  • Mittens 
  • Waterproof winter boots
  • A warm jacket, pants or onesie. 
  • A neck warmer to keep the face covered. We have plenty of fun prints available for the kids in the store online. 

At around 3 years old, you can normally start adding them to ski / snowboard lessons (not available at some resorts due to COVID-19). They will start to pick up the basics that will not just help teach them skiing or snowboarding, but also skills for day-to-day.


kid playing in snow

Ages 4–5: Mini-Shredders

This is when they start exploring A LOT  more on-mountain. They have grasped the basics and can make it down a hill comfortably… the family adventures on-mountain begin. They are also a lot more active at this age and warm up a lot quicker  so we recommend moving away from traditional snowsuits and onto a little lighter gear where they can layer but also remove items as they start to build up a sweat. 


 kid skiing

Ages 6+: Now it’s your turn to keep up

This is when they start understanding their ability and wanting to push it further. They start to step out of their comfort zone and find the steepest section or the biggest jump. However they are still kids, so we need to remind them on how to layer and make sure they take plenty of snacks and additional warm items so they don’t freeze. We recommend a good backpack for them so that they learn what they need to take for themselves and understand the importance of adding/removing layers. 


kid playing in snow

No matter what age though, you should always re-waterproof their gear a couple of times throughout the winter. This will ensure they stay dry and warm underneath all the layers. We recommend reading our guide on re-waterproofing your gear in case you haven’t done it before. 

Kids just want to go exploring and it’s never too late to get them out and about in winter. They’ll want to explore with you but also discover their own adventure in the snow! A win-win for both.


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