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Gogglesoc - A new way to protect your goggles!

At Jindy Sports, we always love to bring you the latest and greatest.
Just in-store now is the latest in on snow fashion and practicality with the Gogglesoc. The Gogglesoc is a simple yet effective solution to protect one of your most important snow accessories, your goggles.
No need to rely on a cumbersome goggle bag anymore, the sock is a quick way to slip on for instant protection even while still on your head! It is a funky and stretchy microfiber cover 'sock' that instantly protects your lenses. With cool designs, you will be proud to sport them and add an extra touch to your on mountain style.
This makes the gogglesoc super easy to carry in your pocket and then place over your goggles whenever you may need it. 
Never again will you find yourself accidentally knocking or bumping your goggles, scratching the lenses and ruining your day. 
Gogglesoc is like having goggle insurance, in your pocket!
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gogglesoc 101 from gogglesoc on Vimeo.


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